Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe Cave

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Km 21 vía Vereda Tokio
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It was built by the owner of these lands to honor and thank for the received favors, we find in "Los Cauchos" village the Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe Cave. It is located in the middle of an area of caves, that have not been explored so far; there it is possible to find  the typical fauna typical from this region, as well as minerals like quartz. Currently, there is no infrastructure good enough for tourism in the area, but because of its beauty, this place is cataloged as a natural resource with great tourist potential, for scientific and speleology research and also for religious tourism.

How to get there

Since the Main Port, you  can travel by boat crossing the Caguán River, until reaching "La Hacienda" port. From there, you can continue to travel by land to the "Tokio" village. The trip takes about 30 minute during summer. The travel by land is done by motor vehicle.

Source:  IDCTC – Jenny Andrea López"
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