Nuestra Señora de Lourdes Cathedral

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Its history dates back to the late nineteenth century, on 6th of August in1906 when the rubber business man Urbano Gutierrez, buys a statue of the Virgin in gratitude then the Father Lucas Ibarra blessed it and proclaimed the virgin as patron saint of the place calling it "Iglesia de la Santísima Virgen de Lourdes"  (Saint Virgin of Lourdes Cathedral) in Florencia.

The first building was built in 1908 and it was a rustic wood house built by the settlers; years later, in 1916, the second temple was built under the direction of Fray Jacinto Maria de Quito, then on July 20th in1932 under the direction of the spanish Fray Jaime Igualada began the construction of the current church which was blessed on February 11th in1937.


The cathedral has a republican style with a gothic inspiration that is showed in its facade, composed by three naves in shape of pyramids. It has arches, capital columns , stained glass windows and its ceiling is decorated with arches with triangular shapes. It is remarkable the cave of the "Virgen de Lourdes" brought from Italy.

In the crypt, the remains of Fray Jaime Igualada lie, among other priests. The cathedral has capacity for 600 people and offers religious services every day.

Source: Luz Adriana Pérez
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