San Isidro Labrador Parish

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Centro Poblado de Remolinos del Caguán
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San Isidro Labrador Parish was built in 1986 by the parish priest Giacinto Franzoi. It has an hexagonal shape and a Gothic style similar to the native "Malocas". It has three levels, the upper one is the bell tower. As curious fact it is said that the Christ statue that is located in the parish, is a sculpture of approximately 2 m in height made with screws, nuts and other recycled metal objects. The author of the work remains unknown.

How to get there

Take a boat at the Main Port and travel by the Caguán river 80 Km approximately. When you see people on the banks of the river, you have got there.

Source: Alcaldía de Cartagena del Chairá"
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