San Pedro Claver Parish

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Centro Urbano de Cartagena del Chairá
Diócesis de Florencia
(+57) 310 378 9922 Portal de Turismo
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Because of being named "Cartagena" Monsignor Angel Cunibertti -Bishop of the Apostolic Vicariate of Florencia, at that thime-, and its first parish priest, the Father Bruno de el Piero (who also designed and directed the building work) dedicated the parish under the protection of San Pedro Claver. It has a single nave and 20 m in height, approximately. In the upper part of the facade, there is a stained glass window in honor of the patron saint of the parish.

In San Pedro Claver parish are three campaigns consecrated, by the blessing by Monsignor Angel Cunibertti. They are chiseled with the names: "Santísima Virgen del Carmen", "San Pedro Claver", and "Santo Angel de la Guarda".

How to get there

It is possible to get there taking a road -which is in excellent condition-from Florencia. Also is possible to travelling by the river, from San Vicente and Puerto Rico towns.

Source: Alcaldía de Cartagena del Chairá"
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