Caquetá Tourism, What to do in Caquetá?

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            Caqueta is a department with natural wealth, where biodiversity abounds, people smile, the heat embraces you and the Manigua catches you. A department hit by the conflict for decades but has survived and is now an Amazonian treasure, a place where post-conflict is providing opportunities for departmental development and a welcoming environment. Now it is possible to visit places that could not be visited before. New places have been discovered, paradises that were not known due to difficult access because of the war have shown up and tourism is trendy in Caquetá.

            Caquetá department of Colombia with more than 480 thousand inhabitants and a total of 16 municipalities, and hundreds of tourist attractions. Tourism plays a very important role today in the Caquetá, experiences like diving in the river Hacha, or a dip in the Salado river in Belén de los Andaquíes, or swimming in the river San José del Fragua, or in the different gorges which are around. Infinities of tourist activities to do in Caquetá and its municipalities. Activities and splendid places to live a unique experience, tourist places in Caquetá such as El Horeb, a nature reserve located 7 kilometers from the town center of the Municipality of Belén de Los Andaquíes, which allows direct contact with the natural and exotic environment of the river Sarabando, which offers fresh and crystalline waters. It has 18 trails that allow the practice of extreme sports and adventure such as cafting or canoeing, cayoning, lung diving, caving and others.

            Tourist adventure, nature, and biodiversity is what you will find in the department of Caquetá if you dare to visit it, and in addition to offering unique tourism experiences, Caquetá is a wonder, it is a land that deserves to be visited. Foreign and Colombian tourists have been impacted by the natural attractions that the Caquetá offers. Tours through the paths of the Amazon Paradise, located in the path of the Doradas, corregimiento el Caraño, municipality of Florence. The forest of fog at 1000 meters receives the tourist to see a set of nine waterfalls ranging between 12 and 40 meters, using equipment certified for the practice of adventure tourism. The circuit has a route of 3.2 km, carrying capacity of 40 people accompanied by Professional Tour Guide, local guides and brigadistas.

            Now, if you are looking for Caquetense food, our land is in charge of delighting you with its exquisite gastronomy, typical dishes like Mojarra Ahumada, Sancocho de Gallina, Meat to taste, Amazon fruit juices, pandeyucas. These typical dishes are found in the restaurants La Calera, located under a beautiful natural landscape in front of the Hacha river, with a spectacular viewpoint surrounded by pure air and La Pampa Parrilla Bar located in Km 2, Old road to Neiva, Florence, Caquetá where You can taste the best Caquetense food.

            Tourism in Caquetá? Rivers, creeks, landscapes, heavenly sunrises and sunsets, food, trails, ferry ride, waterfalls, museums, forests, caves, extreme adventure and happiness is what awaits you. Visit our website to get all the information about tourism in Caquetá.