Divino Niño Sanctuary

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The history of the Sanctuary of the Divine Child Jesus dates back to the time of the Colombian-Peruvian War (1932-1933), when Francisco Quintero, one of the first settlers of the area, rendered his military service and participated in the construction of the Guadalupe -Florencia in 1932. During the execution of the work, he found an image of the Divine Child Jesus placed on a rock by a woman whose husband had been murdered with his son, right there.

The vehicles began to transit by the road towards the year 1945, causing the deterioration of the image. In 1948 a driver suffered an accident when crossing an old wooden bridge. When the vehicle began to roll, the driver was entrusted to the Divine Child, reaching the bottom of the abyss without any scratches. In gratitude he changed the image that was in the stone.

On August 27, 1989, the first Mass was celebrated on behalf of Mrs. Ligia Contreras, which was officiated by Bishop José Luis Serna Alzate. 120 people attended and from that date the Eucharist continued to be celebrated on the first Sunday of the month. The first pilgrimage took place on the first Sunday of October 1989.

As a result of the inclement weather, two missionaries had the idea of ​​building a small chapel and without waiting, in February 1990 began to process permission for construction. The design was done by the architect Rafael Alberto Farieta Gasca, and the work was directed by the engineer Pedro Antonio Farieta Gasca. In June 1990, after completing nine pilgrimages, the then bishop of Florence, Monsignor Fabian Marulanda López, attended to bless the first stone.

 Taken from: https://es.wikipedia.org/wiki/Santuario_del_Divino_Ni%C3%B1o_Jes%C3%BAs_de_Florencia_(Caquet%C3%A1)

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