Indigenous meeting

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The Indigenous meeting is celebrated once a year, in August. Caquetá is basically a region inhabited by different native groups of people and, needs a reencounter of these cultures and the exchange of ideas between them, so, this event rewards their spirits and makes Caquetá greater.

The indigenous meeting is a way for rescuing the culture and traditions; It is about to find a reason to being throughout recreation and culture, making aware the native communities about the search of native traditions and the needs for practicing recreation and sports, aimed to the search of peaceful convivence.

The indigenous meeting tries to drive and promote the sport spirit, the recreation and culture in the native people, also it tries to make aware them to the search and rescue of their traditions and strenghten friedship and awake a greater sense of belonging towards the region. 

the competences carried on in the meeting, are the following:

Painting contest by clans

This contest must be made using natural colors and the figures must belong to the clan of each contestant; It has focus on visible parts: the face, arms and legs.

Handcraft contest

The knitting and the materials used for the handcraft works must be original, like the colors of the products. The size of the pieces must be large, medium and small. The quality will be taken into account.

History of indigenous music and singing

In this contestant, women and men groups can participate, in the cathegory of "free topics" (the contestants must tell the song's topic). Also there is a singing contest by clans. 

  • Jokes: free topic. 
  • Showing of typical costumes.
  • Dances: dance contest for children, and traditional. Each delegation must have participation with a native dance and its topic must be explained.
  • Stories: ceremonial stories narrated by elders, history and presentation of the marriage ceremony. Fruits harvest and "yagé" ceremonies.